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Disc Won't Play Due To Area Limitations?

Prestige Video


I am running a Mac with OS 10.6.8 and Roxio Toast Titanium 11.1


Everything used to work fine then I installed an automatic update to Toast and EVERY disc I burn now fails to play. I've burned Blu-Ray and standard def discs on both the Mac's internal drive and a Lacie d2 external Blu-Ray drive. When I try to play the standard def discs in a set top player i get "Playback prohibited by area limitations." I assumed this was a Region Code issue but I have not found anyway to access those codes in Toast. And I have also read that the error could be caused by impropper encoding for a US player. Interestingly enough the discs play just fine on a computer.


I'm shut down as a result of this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Download and install Toast 11.1(1067) from Roxio's software updates page. Rename the existing Toast Titanium folder in your Applications folder so the downloaded installer creates a new folder. Launch that version and see if the discs it burns are playable. Another user recently posted about this and found that version working. Turn off the software update notification in Toast Preferences.


I don't know what is the reason for this problem. All I can suggest is using a different version of Toast 11. Maybe you have one backed up somewhere.


Oddly, I haven't had any difficulty with my DVD players when using 11.1(1072) to burn the discs. I haven't burned any Blu-ray video discs.


Maybe it helps if you burn at a speed other than "Best." You can select burn speeds in the Recorder Settings window after the blank disc is inserted. I always choose a speed that is no faster than the middle speed available.

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