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Ps3 Hdmi Split And Record





Id like to be able to play games via HDMI and record via component at the same time, is this possible by buying a HDMI splitter, and powered version with HDCP enabled, run the HDMI lead from the PS3, into the splitter and then have one going into the Roxio and one going into my T.V?


I'm not trying to record via HDMI, im happy to record via component but i find the signal is too blurry to play with whilst its recording.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I've never seen a "splitter" like that.


It'd have to be some kind of converter to go from the digital HDMI signal to the analog Component signal.

I don't recall ever seeing one that has different outputs.I've seen HDMi to Component and vice versa but never one in to both out.They may be out there I've just never used one

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