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Need Help With Roxio Hd Pro Pc Game Recording



I wana say first you CAN RECORD PC GAMES WITH ROXIO HD PRO and thats my choice to use it for (iv seen ppl on fourms saying stuff like WHY when you can use fraps or some other progam and them programs kill my desktop and its "almost" a beastly PC so no id rather not kill my fps)


I'v bought myself a Roxio HD pro to record PC games and as the title says i need help figureing this device out because it isnt as simple as ppl claim when you have basicaly no knowledge of PCs and other electronical devices. But let me first off explain how i got it set up. OK my desktop has a hdmi socket where the graphics card is and i got the hdmi cord plugged into the roxio (the side that says Video input and audio input). OK now i got my laptop next to my desktop and have roxio installed into the laptop and have the USB cord that came with the roxio into the laptop. Now Iv read that a second HDMI cord is needed and I have one and if read correctly im guessing at this point your suppost to plug the HDMI(2nd) into the output side same as USB cord is as well and plug the HDMI(2nd) into you desktops Monitor??? OK and when i boot up roxio on my laptop I get a blue screen or sometimes black or both and I have no signal. I found a way without the 2nd HDMI cord to record but then i have no audio on game and i the found out how to record with gamesound but then I'm not able to hear it while playing the game but lets ignore that for now and figure out psyical setup and well go from there. So if anyone can help me with this id be very greatful. i cant find any helpful info at all about recording on the HD PRO for PCs since like 99% of ppl only wana use it for xbox360 and ps3 only and noone will make a youtube video on setup and anything else so ppl who have troubles can just watch the video and know what to do and see what the person is saying and not just reading it. Anywho PLZ help me

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No Signal means the machine you're trying to capture with using the software isn't seeing the Roxio device.

Go to Device Manager and look under Sound and see if there is an entry for Roxio Game Capture HD.This is the first thing.You have to have the device plugged in.

If there is then your machine is recognizing the device and something else is the problem.

If it's not there then you had an issue installing the software or device and need to do a repair.


See if you see the device in Device Manager first off.

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