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Adjusting Video Volume?



I just bought a set of Turtle Beach X12s today and they work awesome. So, today, me and my buddy played some MW3 and I captured the gameplay, while also recording audio of my voice on my laptop.


When I went to edit them, I got everything synced up perfectly. However, the gameplay volume is so loud, you can barely hear the audio of my voice. Is there a way to go in and adjust the volume of either the video or audio file while in Videowave?


For the life of me, I just couldn't find the option. If there is a way, or some sort of trick anybody knows, I would greatly appreciate



(If it helps, I used the generic voice recorder for Windows 7. Thanks to anyone that answers!)

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No, that didn't help. That link had nothing pertaining to my question. :blink: All it had in it were answers regarding how to hook-up Turtle Beaches. My question pertains to adjusting the volume of video or audio files. The only reason I mentioned my Turtle Beach headset was so everyone would understand what type of equipment I used.


Thanks, but, that link in no way, shape or form had anything to do with my question. :huh:


Anybody else? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

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