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Tis The Season For Virus & Trojans


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My ever cautious wife called me in to look at an email in her Inbox:




Of course it is a spoof but if you click the "GET POSTAL RECEIPT" button, you get More than a Receipt! :lol:


Well known (first time for us) LINK but near Christmas just think of how many will fall for this one???


If you get something that isn't just quite right - FedEx drops off undelivered packages to the Post Office!!! :huh:


Run a Goggle, or any other, search! I just typed in "fedex hoax email" and was rewarded with numerous hits ;)

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I've gotten a bunch of these lately.

I've also gotten a bunch from PayPal saying that I've paid hundreds of dollars to people.


Re: FedEx. Some of the carriers do partner with the USPS to deliver small packages to you. They go from the shipper to FedEX to then delivers the package to USPS for final delivery. Many times it get from the seller to the regional Post Office in 2-3 days and then it takes USPS more than a week to deliver it to you.


The USPS would leave the paper delivery notice so anything via e-mail is not legitimate. That FedEx logo looks like it was copied by a child.


Rel; Pay Pal. Do you have an PayPal account? I would follow up on the PayPal e-mail. They do send out updates so notifications are not unusual.. Someone may have opened an account in your name. They may be paying with their account until it runs dry. Some of those people may then come after you.

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