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There's quite a story behind this posting, but to tell it would take several hours. Suffice it to say that I have gone through two (2) computers in about 5 years, and with the installation/un-installation (or total deletion) of software, I think I need to back up and regroup. I currently have a HP all-in-one desktop model with Windows 7. While rummaging around in my old software box, I came across an Installation Disk for Roxio Easy CD & DVD. I do not recall what version or year this disc was purchased. I remember this being installed on one of my previous computers, and transferring music from some cassettes to an eventual CD using this program. Well, I have many more cassettes to transfer, and decided I would install this program onto the new computer. Installation went smoothly, and I have access to all the features included therein. My problem is that when I set up my cassette player to the computer via the 3.5mm cable and press "play" to begin recording, I am not getting anything transferred. The sound level indicators and recording indicator are registering, but I have nothing after about a 45-second test. Well, now I've discovered that this computer apparently has a built-in microphone for the Skype program, and the external sounds in the room (not the music from the cassette player) are being picked up by this microphone. I guess I am going to have find a way to disable the external microphone so that the Roxio software I have will work. As an aside, do I have the "current" version of Roxio software or should I consider a "newer" version? Thank you.

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