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The easiest way I have found to record voice chat from your Xbox as well your own voice is if you have a gaming headset such as Turtle Beaches.


You set your chat to be played through both your headset and your speakers from the 'preferences' menu in your Xbox Dashboard. Because its coming through your speakers, it will be picked up by your Game Cap when recording. But you need to make sure that you turn the 'game volume' slider down and the 'voice volume' slider up.


To record your own voice, you simply plug in the mic plug (pink end) into your computer or laptop and use a program such as Audacity to record yourself.


The only bit that can be a little tricky is syncing up your voice with your party chat when you edit your video. As a point of reference I like to cycle through a menu on the Xbox dashboard while saying 1...2...3...1...2...3.


Hope this wasn't too confusing and helped a little. Any other questions you have I could try to answer.


Here is a video I posted to YouTube explaining this in detail.


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