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Getting Or Making Better-Looking Dvd Menus?

Terry Harpold


I'm trying to make a transition from iDVD -- which Apple no longer supports -- to Toast Titanium 11. (I'm running Mac OS X 10.8.x). Getting the hang of the Toast interface has not been difficult. But the default DVD menus that come with the application are, well... *ugly*, certainly inferior to the handsome and flexible menus of iDVD.


I can figure out no way, within Toast, to change/improve the typefaces used as defaults in the menus, or to style or align text in buttons on the menus -- customizations that one would think would be dead-easy in a Mac program. And while I can load a new background image for a menu, 1) I can't find any documentation re proper dimensions of the image file to avoid having it clumsily cropped; 2) I can't change the position of menu buttons on a per-image basis, which sort of removes the appeal of many possible background images.


Perhaps I've missed something here? Is someone out there doing a steady business in creating custom menus for Toast that are more polished or sophisticated than those that come with the application?



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That's the way it has always been with Toast. There is a better selection now and more customization than in the past, but what you're seeing is what there is. As for fonts, my only suggestion is to choose a menu style with a font you can live with and add whatever background you want.


The menu styles are layered Photoshop files. You can open them with any version of Photoshop CS.x and mess with them if you like. I made a couple attempts and found it is beyond my expertise.


There are other Mac DVD authoring applications that allow more custom menus, including motion menus with sound. Apple's iDVD still works in OS 10.8 and they were including it in the iLife disc. I'm not sure its installer works in 10.8, though. Mine was installed a long time ago.

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