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Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro Wanting To Record Voice With Gameplay



Ok so I know that the non HD version of this product has an option to have a mic or something whereas this one does not,(where the mic tab used to be there is now a hotkeys tab) I have two questions concerning this. 1. Can I use the HD PRO version of this product and record using the non HD PRO software? And 2. Can someone tell me how to record my voice WHILE playing the game? I don't mean recording voice after the fact because that's not what I'm looking for and that's all I've seen people suggest. I want to use my external mic and record my voice while playing whatever game i am currecntly recording. If i cannot can you recommend any other software that will allow me to use the Roxio game cap HD PRO to capture the gameplay as well as my voice?

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If you're using a Windows computer, go to the windows button (bottom left hand corner on your screen), click it, and in the search box, type in "sound recorder". Make sure you have your external mic (I think it needs to be USB) plugged and hooked up to your computer. It's EXTREMELY easy to use, just make sure your mic is plugged in so it doesn't record your computer's default microphone. Next, click the Windows button again, find "Control Panel". Now, go to "Hardware and Sound", then, "Sound" or "Manage audio devices" (which will be under "Sound"). Now, there should be four tabs: playback, recording, sound, and communications. Go to "Recording". Find your external mic that you plan to use, right click it, and then choose "set to default". Now Sound Recorder will recognize and use this mic as long as it's plugged in. Hope this helps :D

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