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Audio From My Main Video Source Lags After Adding Commentary Track



I tried adding my commentary track in the internal music track / music track / and sound effect track and they all lag the main video's audio everytime I reach a load screen for some reason...


I have gameplay from New mario bros U and every time I take a warp pipe or load map view to stage gameplay a delay in audio is created... i then have to go in and edit all the audio to make it fit mario actions...


Any reason why its doing this?


like i said it only happens when i load a screen as well as adding an additional sound track

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Actually it gets out of sync the second I load it into the videoware.... If I play the file by itself (in windows media player ) its fine the whole way through... also if i go to trim the file its fine... If I go to edit the audio for the videofile it will be out of sync too though....


The delays certainly do happen when there is a scene change within the game tho... like when mario goes into a warp pipe and enters a new scene... or when mario enters a stage from the world map and the scene changes....


I don't think pics will help too much be cause i still can't show the audio lagging...


I doubt it has anything to do with my pc as after I -> ||| extract the audio file, mute the main video audio, and edit the extracted audio file, render ||| <- the final rendered version is in sync because of my edits.....


This only actually happens with Mario's main game atm.... I was doing a challenge mode video and it was fine the whole way through and I did a Virtual Console game from wiis browser within the Wii U....

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