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Internal Track Not Following Video



Okay, guys, bear with me here while I try to explain this. And, also, I read the topic below mine and it does not follow the type of problem I have. So, please don't try to answer this question by giving me the link for that topic. :P Here goes nothing...


Okay, I recently captured a 42 minute video of a friend and I playing GTA 4 on Xbox. While recording the video gameplay, I also captured my voice on my laptop, using my Turtle Beach X21 headset. When the capturing was finished, I went into Videowave, added the video and then synced up the audio of my voice. Got everything synced up great; but, when I went into Storyline mode to pick and choose certain scenes from my 42 minute video (to make a montage), that's where I ran into the problem. For some reason, the audio of my recorded voice won't sync up with the video. Such as, I went to choose a scene about 23 minutes into the video, got it all set with the start point and end point, but when I would go to review it, my recorded voice audio started playing from the very beginning. Such as, my recorded voice audio started at 00:00:00 instead of 00:23:35.


What is the deal here?! I even tried syncing up the audio and video, and saving it as a production. Then I closed out, re-opened the production (finding that the game footage and my recorded voice audio still matched up perfectly), then tried picking out footage 23 minutes in, in Storyline, only to find that my recorded voice still started its playback at 00:00:00.


The only way I could find to do this, was go back through my recorded voice audio, and edit it with my CD burner SoundWave program, which is, you guessed, also from Roxio, and cut, paste and save that audio. Then drag down that short 14 second voice clip into the scene I made. Is this really the way I have to do it? Or am I just not syncing the video and recorded voice audio correctly?


Can someone please help? PLEASE! The main reason I bought these $70 Turtle Beaches was to do this. And if I did this just to find out it's still going to be a bullsh*t hassle to make a simple montage video, I'm really going to be upset. I mean, what the hell?! What was Roxio thinking not including the proper program, or whatever, needed to capture your own voice?! Kind of defeats the purpose of getting a game capture card, right?! :angry:


Whew! Sorry about that rant! :blink: Just getting really frustrated that there's so many hoops and stuff you have to jump through to make a simple video.


Somebody, please help? Maybe Vaughn Whiskey. I know he uses this same route. I've seen him comment about it on here. I've also watched and commented on one of his videos on YouTube of him explaining it. Maybe he can help out here? Anybody's welcome to help, too. If you know a route I need to take to be able to have my video and recorded voice sync up when editing it in Storyline mode, it would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you! :)

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