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Me Too Shotgun Posts



Yah I also have the same problem. I have a Roxio Game Capture HD Pro and it worked for a while and I captured some good video which I was able to post to my YouTube channel but a couple of days ago I was playing and capturing and all the sudden my tv screen went blue and my software said I had no signal. I quickly fixed my HDMI to go straight from xbox to my tv so I could finish my game and then today when I tried capturing again it just says no signal with a blue tv screen. I have tried to contact Roxio customer support but the support team seem to be lacking at best and I was starting to get really frustrated. If you have any sort of answer that would be great because i'm slowly gaining a subscriber base and I really have to keep my videos coming out.

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'Mee Too' posts are seldom effective ;)


Nor are repeating the same posts all over the board!


Start your own Topic and it is more likely someone will pay attention to it.


Probably time to do a proper Repair:



Plug in the Capture device and Disable it in the Device Manager (Sound and Video Game Controllers)


Unplug the device and put it aside till later.


Turn off your Anti Virus, Firewalls, Registry Cleaners, etc. and insert your Roxio Disc (download version - run Install)


Be sure you accept the offer to Check for Updates (this is for Roxio, not Windows)


When you reach the screen where
is offered, choose that!


When the Repair competes, you will have to reapply the SP1.1 for game capture.


Then turn your AV & Firewall back on and reboot.


You are using a PS3 right?


Component to the GameCAP HD?

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No I am using an Xbox 360, and I am running a HDMI out of my xbox into the GameCap HD and another HDMI from the GameCap to the tv.


Ok just tried to reinstall from the disk and when it said would I like to check for updates I said yes and now it is telling me that it can't find an internet connection although I am definitely connected to the internet right now.

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That did not work. I honestly think it is a hardware problem because when I try to capture it says i'm using a component input when i'm not which could be the reason why i'm getting a blue screen.


ok well I got it to work but now i'm getting a preview screen that has the rainbow colors like an emergency broadcast but I can hear the sound from my game coming through my laptop. Sorry to keep having new problems.

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