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Cannot Add A Video File To A Videowave Production


I captured photo and video files to Roxio. My Videowave production accepts the photos but when I try to use the video files I get an error message "one or more of the files you are trying to add require Quicktime 7.04 or higher." I think I downloaded Quicktime 7.772.80.56 correctly but the same error message occurs. I have made combined Photo/Video productions previously with no problems.(?) HAPPY HOLIDAYS !


Can I, and if I can, change the "QuickTime Movie" file to a "mov" file will Roxio Videowave accept it?

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Is it a mov file? Where did it come from - camera or camcorder? If you successfully made projects in the past, what is different? Could the file itself be corrupted? Can you capture it again?


BTW, just because it plays OK, doesn't mean there is no corruption.

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