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Improved Current Rise, Need To Verify.



I am proprietary and suffering of a game hd, after not receiving any solution of roxio as for topic of streaming, (I can demonstrate it and it is not the case).

I could have done that as for the current of string improves in 1000 % it wanted that someone also could check if this him.


My problem was that on having measured the bandwidth with roxio it was giving rates of only 156kbps.



My ADSL is 30/3Mb, measuring with Xsplit and with other programs I obtain rates of up to 2000Kbps.


Well so adding a line in the record of windows, it seems to be that for the programming of the program of roxio, one of his lacks is that there can not measure which is really the bandwidth and therefore the streaming is late and felling having to lower the bitrage.


This they are the conclusions in which I base and observe.


My system is windows 7 Sp1, and the line that it is necessary to put in the record concerns the quantity of packages of raise of the operating system.


The formula for the calculation is the following one (Kbsp of raise / 8) * 1024 = rate of raise.


Really Roxio's program cannot calculate and if you place your maximum rate gives absurd results.


I will put my case as an example.


this is well enough even if you have more than 3 mb upload because roxio not know how to calculate.


My ADSL is a 30/3 mb alone I need 1500 kbps from raise for streaming (1500 / 8) * 1024 = 192000

In HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> CurrentControlSet -> services -> AFD -> Parameters



names DefaultSendWindow

Hexadecimal value = 192000

we guard and restart.

Now if we measure the current in Roxio's Program the obtained values go off. But the Streaming


Now if we measure the current in Roxio's Program the obtained values go off.

But the Streaming works.

I obtain a delay of 6 or 7 seconds for hours.

This does not solve others many problems, but for the present I can keep my channel alive to 480p since

my equipment is alone the dual-corel to 2.8 Mhz.

I hope that this solution helps all and really it works, if it me works please say to me if to you also I they work. Thank you.



I use a translator, hope that they understand it. It notices, to touch in the record is dangerous insure yourself of putting the line and correct parameters. The information here given is royal not invented values and it me is very difficult to explain exactly to that they concern but are modifiable as it is explained.



Si alguien necesita el original en Español tambien puedo ponerlo.


Thank you.

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Well, to the relief of all, these data I can not explain not express myself well in English.



They are mainly used in servers, are operating system settings for the server to perform their jobs better.


There are many more parameters in the TCP / IP protocol as well as in network, etc.. adjust to a better functioning of Server / PC.


In a normal Windows comes with a standard, which is more than enough for all mortals.


But in our case, this variable tells the operating system which is the upstream bandwidth. In reaction to the video streaming.


This is more or less a simple explanation, as there are many more factors and in fact there are entire books explaining it.



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