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Xsplit Beta User - Current Progress With Xsplit And Twitchtv

APX Caramel


As a beta user for Xsplit, I'll be updating this thread with the current progress of the Livestreaming features that the Roxio Game Capture Pro HD is able to do. I'll be open for questions and will answer them as fast as I can. If I don't know the answer, I'll find an answer.


November 23rd: Laggy stream (10-15fps), and no audio. But we now know it can work.


November 29th: Still laggy but that's the only problem so far. Clear picture with great audio


December 7th: Same as above


December 11th: One person managed to get their stream to what looked to be 20-25fps. I'm still behind.


December 14th: Performance is improving, just not there yet.



Current Build stream:


PS3 Stream (Xsplit name Top525) This is the constant stream: http://www.twitch.tv...dus/b/347280398


Xbox 360 Stream (Done by me) This is the laggy one: http://www.twitch.tv..._yo/b/348298293

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I am using a paid version, but this version of XSplit is not avaiable for download yet. Only beta users may use this. I am one. They are still working on getting it down pat.


Postings of Applications that are not Shareware or Freeware are prohibited..

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