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Looking For Old (Pre-10.1) .jwl Files Format



I have hundreds of old Jewel files that I can no longer use. I would like to write a program to convert them to some format from which I can at least salvage the information stored within.


Does anyone know where I could get the specification for the file format of those old files?


In case you're wondering I'm a semi-retired programmer...



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Each version of the Roxio disc labeler has been slightly different from the previous versions, and the saved file format has been changed accordingly from version to version. Then there was the BIG change between 10.0 and 10.1


I don't know of anyone who has worked out the file format for any version, and the original programmers will have moved on years ago :(

However I could make and send you some .JWL files from a number of different versions if it helps you to establish structures and perhaps find some features in common.




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