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Where Can I Get The Latest Toast With Jam?

Joe Hostetter


I used Jam 2.6.2 for years. I bought several versions of toast and never liked it. I have a G4 digital audio with a non apple faster processor. I can start up in system 9.2.2 or 10.4.11. My system 9 on which I run Jam is very unstable now. I should have bought Toast with Jam when it was available but didn't. I also have a MacBook Pro running 10.6.8. I paid DL-provider.com about $69 for a year of downloads but I couldn't find Toast with Jam available. All other sites listing Toast with Jam do not get me to a download or have zero available.

When I use Toast 5 Light or Toast 8 titanium, it won't let me print the track list.

Is there any place I can get Toast with Jam? Is there any new application that is good as or better than Jam?

I hope there is someone still reading the forum on Jam and can help me.


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I have been using JAM 2.62 for years on my MAC G4 Digital Audio with a non MAC faster processor. I can startup in system 9.2.2 or 10.4.11. I use system 9 with JAM but the system is no longer stable so I can’t trust it for professional work. I also have a 2006 PowerBook Pro running system 10.6.8. I have Toast 5 Light and Toast 8 Titanium but I don’t like it because it doesn’t seem professional and now I can’t print the track list. I think I used to be able to print it but only before I saved it.

I would like to have a newer Jam (Toast with Jam) that can run on system 10.x.x but I can’t find an available download that I can get to download. I paid about $69 to DL-provider.com but a search didn’t find it. Should I try EBAY? It seems that Roxio doesn’t want to service the pro users because the market is too small. It’s sad that they abandon such a good product. Does anyone make an application as good or better than JAM?


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