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Converting Video Ts Files To Quick Time .mov



I have had success in converting our family DVD-r vidoes to quicktime for hard drive storage of the .mov files. (in case the DVD-R is lost or broken)

I have some old super 8's that I transferred to DVD-R several years ago and am trying to convert them to quick time files for the external drive.


I click the convert option as video TS folders. I drag the DVD -r TS video folder and convert the file to QT. The DVD-Rs in question are over 1 GB and have 2 hours on them. It converts about 1/2 and dings.

The file is converted- but only half.


Before the file starts it reads that it will convert the 2 hours...but I have tried it 4 times and every time it will only convert 1/2 the video. Shorter TS folders are not a problem.


What am I doing wrong?

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I doubt if you're doing anything wrong but there may be a break in the video (timecode break or dropped frames) that causes Toast to think it reached the end. Something to try is to choose Video Files as the setting in the Convert window. Then go to the Toast Media Browser, click the Video tab and click the triangle next to DVD. (I'm presuming you have one of the source DVDs in the disc drive). You will see the titles that are on the DVD. Select the ones you want and click the + button to add them to the main Toast window. They will first open in another window where you can do some trimming if you like. See if converting from this approach gets you the complete video.

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