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Restore Error: Not Enough Disk Space On The Selected Destination



BackOn Track, v13.0, was included with my purchase of Roxio Creator 2011 Pro in January 2011. Installed on an Dell XPS 8100 running Windows 7, 64. Always backed up to a secondary 300 gig harddrive (D:\). The primary 500 gig harddrive (C:\) has about 300 gig of free space. Due to a file corruption problem I had to restore Windows from the C:\ drive restore partition, after running the Dell DataSafe Local Backup to save data on the C:\ drive prior to the partition format and Windows System Restore procedure.


I repopulated most of my data on drive C:\ from the Dell DataSafe Local Backup. However, I am unable to Restore any of the backup files created by BOT. I thought originally, since I was restoring files from drive D:\, which has only about 50 gig of free space, back to their orginal location on drive C:\ that BOT was reacting to the drive D:\ space limitation. So, I copied several BOT backup sessions from drive D:\ to drive C:\ which has plenty of free space. Still, getting the same Disk Space Error.


I figure this has to be a simple setting problem, but can't figure it out. Years ago I use to use Zip drive backups. It always seemed that any time I needed to do a restore the Zip programs would be out of date. Then I went to Norton's Systems Works only to find that about every two years they would tweek their backup programs and not make them compatible with older version backups. So for me, it's like Deja vu all over again.


Thanks in advance on any insight you can give me to recover the few files that the Dell Backup didn't save.


Robert Blosser

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You've gotta love a company with this kind of service:


On December 27, 2012 received this response from Tech. Support:

"Thank you for submitting your question. My name is Romualdo Jr. and I have been assigned to your case 01568749. I am currently reviewing it and will be updating you shortly."


Then a few minutes later I got this email for software that was purchased in December 2011:

"Unfortunately your Corel product version is no longer supported. Because the computing environment changes so quickly, it’s very difficult for us to maintain older versions of software as they do occasionally run into some issues when installed on new operating systems. However, we do very much value our return customers, and try to offer promotions and special offers to keep the cost of upgrading to a minimum. To find out more you can call our Customer Service Teams at 1-877-582-6735 (North America) or 0800-376-9272 (UK) who will be happy to provide further information.


While your product version is no longer supported by phone or email, Corel has an extensive library of archived information available to users of older software versions:



Alternatively, another user may be able to help you get an answer in one of the Corel forums: http://www.corel.com/corel/pages/index.jsp?pgid=800085




Romualdo Jr.

Corel Customer Support Services"


On December 29, 2012 received this email. I think he is asking me if I was able to solve my problem based on his outstanding advise todate:

"Hello Robert Blosser,


This is being sent to you to remind you that I am waiting for information or feedback about your support case 01568749.


Please reply to mycasesupport@corel.com and include this reference ID ( ref:_00D60Jqva._50060NYdyh:ref ) with the outstanding information or to let me know if your issue has been resolved? I will assume there has been resolution if I don’t hear back from you within the next 5 days, at which point I will go ahead and close your case.


Feel free to view the progress of or close your case at any time by logging in to your account at https://www.corel.com/corel/login.jsp and selecting "Support Cases" in the "Support" section.




Romualdo Jr. - Customer Support Representative


Case Number 01568749 - Restore Error: Not Enough Disk Space On The Selected Destination"


Then on January 6, 2013 this final email, because I didn't give the feedback to Romualdo that would resolve my problem. Nice of you to turn this problem into my responsibility to solve, and thanks for going all out to send the final email on a Sunday. Service above and beyond!:

"Hello Robert Blosser,


I am writing to let you know that I will be closing your case as it has been inactive for ten days. We hope your question has been resolved. However, if you still need assistance, please visit Corel.com , Roxio.com , or Pinnaclesys.com support pages to open a new case and a Corel representative will be happy to assist you.




Romualdo Jr. - Customer Support Representative

Case Number 01568749

Restore Error: Not Enough Disk Space On The Selected Destination"


So, here I sit with a years worth of complete backups that I can't access. I have no understanding why Corel would purchase Roxio and then not want to support the software.

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