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No Audio At All From Wii U To Tv Or Roxio



So I just got my Roxio today and I set it up with my Wii U, the video comes in (HDMI) but the Audio is not working, it works when the Wii U is plugged into the TV normally but it doesn't work when going through the Roxio, there isn't even Audio on the preview in the capture program, I tried plugging it into other USB slots on my PC as well as switching to various HDMI cables and checking that my Roxio was up to date and still no luck and no not even the recorded video has audio and I've tried everything I can think of.. I mean the video quality is amazing but.. kinda need the audio.. yeah..

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Update 2: I thought the issue might have arisen from the Roxio always switching to Component mode when first being plugged in, so I opened the Roxio capture software, switched it to HDMI and then powered on my Wii U, this resulted from the usual turning on and the video coming on with no Audio to my computer blue screening.


Naturally I am not really enjoying the product right now as it is not working.. at all, in the meantime I am uninstalling the program (again) and going to bed.. I hope in the morning I can get this thing to work otherwise I may just return it.

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I think what you want to do is try a repair but make sure you do it this way...


Plug in the Capture device and Disable it in the Device Manager (Sound and Video Game Controllers)


Unplug the device and put it aside till later.


Turn off your Anti Virus, Firewalls, Registry Cleaners, etc. and insert your Roxio Disc (download version - run Install)


Be sure you accept the offer to Check for Updates (this is for Roxio, not Windows)


When you reach the screen where
is offered, choose that!


When the Repair competes, you will have to reapply the SP1.1 for game capture.


Then turn your AV & Firewall back on and reboot.


Doing this will assure Everything is as it should be!


Not familar with the WII U, is there any setting in there for where the Audio is to output???

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Well considering I just blew 150 bucks on a capture card that doesn't work when I could of just stuck with my Happauge yeah, kinda.

Secondly don't talk down to me as if I don't know how to follow a step by step guide someone was nice enough to give me to see if it worked, it didn't and now I have more issues with it than I did before.

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Flip the Chip off your shoulder ;)


No one is talking down, it is a legitimate question! I appreciate the frustration when it don't work!!! :angry:


I want you to try the Repair steps again (sometimes it takes 2 or 3 attempts) just make sure you don't skip anything.


Assuming it installs OK test it with a different Source :huh: Try hooking up a Camcorder or DVD Player. - i have even used an MP3 Player for testing just the Audio portion ^_^

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