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Creating A Simple Series Of 7 Slideshows In Creator Nxt



(for a DVD) and having them play sequentially all the way through. I did it once, and now I can't re create it. The program made me put 3 slideshows on a menu, so there are 3 slideshows on the first and second menus and 1 on the third. Right now, it's playing the first 3 slideshows and then returning to the first slideshow instead of playing number 3 and then heading to number 4 on the second menu. The same with the second menu. After number 6, it plays the first slideshow of the project


Thank you

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Two ways to get there...


You add an Unlinked Button to the first Menu, label it "Play All" and set its' Properties to play All Movies in Project:






You can get a little more creative with the menus if you think about it ;)


You could even avoid this by Adding all the movies as One then setting Chapters (with Menus) within that Movie. ~ has the disadvantage of not being able to play and stop that all chapters have...


Give it a try.

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