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Dragging Selected Clips To Production Editor?


Alright so here is the deal, I go to select media folder, click on select scenes, spend an getting the scenes I want selected and I have them all on the side bar, but I do not know how to move the scenes without moving the whole video. I have read the help so many times I have a head ache :( can someone please give me clear instructions on how to just get the scenes I have selected into the video production editor to create the video I want? I need this done asap as it is an audition video, please help someone.

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Can seem a little odd until you get used to it!


You have to be in the My Media tab, not Folders!


Then you should see a little down arrow if the clip has scenes designated:



Select the ones you want and drag them into your Production:


(I have control clicked on 0, 2, 5 & 7 to select them)


Note that mutiples always add in low to high order! You can keep that in mind or move them around in Storyline later ;)



I hope that helps!

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