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Vhs To Dvd 3 Plus

John Spalding


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I deleted the key you posted. You paid for it; do you want to give it away free? I have it saved so I will try it on the copy I have.


Where did you buy the product? If you bought it from a big box store, which one and did they activate it? Roxio has this weird activation.


I saw a lot of ones and zeros in the key. Make sure you entered it correctly. If you bought it on line, make sure you copy and past the key with no leading or tailing spaces.


Did you try to install it several times to an administrator account ? Sometimes it tries to install in a "compatibility" mode


This is Roxio Guidance:


Issue: Invalid CD key error message during installation



  1. Verify there is no typo and no mix up with the letter O and number 0, S and 5, B and 8 etc. Also, CD key for most Roxio products is 17 characters long.
  2. Make sure the computer is connected to the internet.
  3. If installing from disc, try copying files from the disc to a folder on the hard drive then installing from hard drive.

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I uninstalled my copy of VHS to DVD using Revo Uninstaller. That removes the program completely. I reinstalled from my disc. I pasted the key you posted and it was accepted.


Did you copy and paste or did you type in the key? The character that looked like an "I" is really a capital "L" Try that.


Again, where did you buy the product and if you got it from a big box store (Like Best Buy), did they activate it?


Assuming that you actually got it installed, what features are you missing? There is really only one product and the key activates them all.

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