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Toast 11 Pro Download Image Corrupt

Frankie G


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Boy, that's easier said then done. Appears all technical support is through Corel now and their approach appears to be "do it yourself or forget it". Very frustrating, may just have to return the product for refund and find another option...

You can download the Toast 11.1 update from Roxio's Software Updates page and that has everything except the extra Pro-bundled apps and Blu-ray plugin. So that will get you started. You also can download some of the third-party apps from those developers' sites and enter the registration keys you received from Roxio.


But the Blu-ray plugin and some other items require your ability to mount the Pro disc image.


I don't know why you're experiencing this problem. You might try logging in as a new user on your Mac to see if the disc image will download correctly. Or try a different browser such as Firefox.

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