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Capture And Play On The Same Pc?



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Couldn't tell that from your posts :lol:


Your English exceeds anything I can do in French, Dutch or German :o I am curious, which do you use most?


But to answer your question, YES you can if your Monitor will accept Two input sources and you can switch between them!


For example, on one of mine:





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Mmhh sorry but I just read my first post again and notice I didn't mention I have two display. So my question is can I play on my secondary display (with steam game for example) and have my desktop on my main display to manage the recording?

(I'm really sorry if you already explain that but when it get technical I take time to understand xD)


I speak French & English most of the time but no Dutch or German.

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Yes you can, in fact it will go well that way.


The GameCAP doesn't work too well (or at all) on the 2nd Monitor... so you want it running on Monitor 1 and run your output to Monitor 2 for play ;)


Note that Monitors 1 & 2 are what Windows identifies them as, not always the way you think of them...


Post # 11,


Do certain regions speak a specific language predominately???

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Ok I think I got it now :P

Thank you for taking the time to clarify that for me :)


I just got one more question. If I have only a display with HDMI ports and I want to capture my PS3. Can I connect it with component to the Roxio device and then get out to my monitor with HDMI or both have to be the same? I just asking cause I read it's better to use component cables for capturing PS3...


You mean specific language in Belgium? Cause yes we're divide by 3 region, one french, one dutch and one german. French and dutch are the same size (+/-) and german is just a little part of Belgium.

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Yes the hookup for the PS3 requires Component or the HDMI will throw a 'Protected Signal' and not let you capture.


But the Pass Through can utilize either Component or HDMI or Both!


Note the setup that Roxio shows:




Thanks for info on Belgium, always wanted to visit but something always seems to get in the way :lol:

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