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Livestreaming Doesn't Work For Me! Please Help!



Hello everyone,


I bought the Roxio HD Pro about 3 weeks ago and I love it. Everything works fine and the quality is amazing.


I tried out livestreaming the other day and I had a few issues. I logged into my twitch name and chose the sever closest to me. (I live near Philly PA and I chose New York)

When I hit livestream the program says not responding but then works again and says im streaming. I then check my Twitch channel and says im not live.


Anyway to fix this? Thanks for reading! :lol:

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Hello Jim,


I went to support and searched all of the questions and not one helped me. Is there anyway I can speak to a person who works at roxio or anything like that?





Welcome Roxio customers to Corel Customer Support

Happy holidays!


We're taking a short holiday break to spend time with our families and friends from Dec. 24 – 26 and Dec. 31 – Jan. 2. Our Sales department will remain open on Dec. 24 and 26.


If you have any questions while we're away, please be sure to check out the resources available below.


We wish you all a safe and happy holiday season.

Your Corel Support team



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NO... well at least not without a Credit Card coupled with a Big Limit :lol:


But under Support there is a Contact button for free web based support. (keep in mind it is the Holidays) The 2nd link cd provided.


Do that and at the same time monitor your Topic here in case someone decides to try to help you ;)

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