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Splitting A Large Video File Into Smaller Clips To Upload Seperately



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This is one thing I haven't figured out, is there a way to split a large video file that I recorded and then split it up into smaller video files so i can render those and upload them to YouTube without having to trim it?


Try this, Cutting out a section of Video, http://saknis.net/Roxio/cutting%20out%20a%20section/cutting%20out%20a%20section.html


It's for full versions of Creator but videowave in RGC is similar if not the same.


The video is brought to you by user sknis...

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i just went to the section i wanted it to be split so say it was 10mins in i would go to 10mins and click split, then you have 2 sections of video, just right click the second bit and cut it, save the video, open a new edit (Ctrl + N i think) and paste, worked fine for me, if want to split more times just keep doing it

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