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Long Pause Between Movies.



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I finished a production with five MP3 movies in Roxio Creator 2011. When I 'Play All', there is a 10 to 12 second pause between each movie. This also occurs if I play a single movie - it finishes, pauses 10 to 12 seconds and returns to the main menu.


There is no such thing as an mp3 movie, mp3 is an audio format.


Please explain with more detail exactly what you are doing, what program from C2011 you are using to burn? Where did these movies come from? What "Play All" are you referring to? Where do you see the pause, on your computer, in the preview or on a DVD player?

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Thank you for responding to my question.


1). I created 5 slideshows in C2011 Videowave and then converted each one to MPG (not MP3) in the Output Tab.

2). I then inserted the 5 MPG files into a production in C2011 MyDVD.

3). I inserted an ‘Unlinked Button’ in the main menu and then (using View/Settings) - I linked it to ‘Play All Movies in the Project’.


Whether I play the finished product on my DVD Player or preview it on my computer, there is a 10 to 12 second pause between each movie. This pause also occurs at the end of the production before returning to the main menu.

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Try this. In Create DVD, select add movie and navigate to where you have those files. Select the ones you want to use IN THE ORDER YOU WANT THEM TO PLAY. When you click to add them, there will be a dialog box. Select to add them as one movie. Name the compilation as something that you will remember.


Add the others separately if you want.


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