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Help! Can't Burn More Than 98 Video Files To Blu-Ray



I purchased Toast 11 Titanium thinking it would be a great program.


I'm trying to burn to a 50gb dual layer bluray and I'm receiving an error telling me that I can not burn more than 98 files to the disc. What gives? I have close to 500 separate video files from my vacation and i bought blank 50gb dual layer discs thinking this would work. 98 files barely makes a dent in the disc. I am NOT using 5 discs for this. What's the point if there is a limit to how many files can be burned? Can somebody please help? Did I really just buy a program that will be useless to me?


PS I'm using a Macbook Pro with OS X 10.8.2 2.8ghz Intel Core i7 with 8gb of RAM if that matters. PLEASE HELP!! Thanks in advance.

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This limit is part of the video DVD spec. I don't know if Blu-ray disc has this limit but I do know that Toast uses it in any case. The only workaround I can think of is for you to join some of those videos so they are separate chapters within titles. There is a Merge clips... command in the Toast Edit menu. But I'm not sure what format the video must be in for that command to become active. You can use iMovie to join the clips. You also can use QuickTime Player to copy and paste clips to the end of other clips.


Yet another option is to burn your videos as a data disc. My Sony Blu-ray player can play videos burned as a data disc depending on their format. You'd probably want to organize the videos in folders by subject.

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Thanks for the suggestions, I appreciate it.


Personally, I don't care if every single file is stitched together as long as I can get all the footage on to the one bluray disc.


I can't use iMovie because the files are .mts which apparently iMovie doesn't support. I'll try the merge clips thing tonight when I get home from work. I'll post my results because I'm sure other people are experiencing the same problem.

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Download "Streamclip" if you don't already have it. (It's Free)

Drop all your clips into drop box.

Go to EDIT drop down menu and click "Fix Timecode Breaks" (this step may be un-necesary but it's a good habit)

Go to FILE dropdown menu and "Save As" (Streamclip will quickly write a stream of all your clips and save it where you specify)

Retrieve the new streamclip file and burn in toast.

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