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Capture Window Stops Responding And Won't Exit



I just got the Game Capture for christmas and have spent the last two hours trying to get it to work. As far as i can tell my computer meets the requirements and my directx, windows media player, internet explorer, etc. are up to date. I have uninstalled my AVG pc tuneup because i have read that registry cleaners mess up the installation and causes errors. I also turned off all of my startup content for the same reason. Yet 12 computer restarts and four installation attempts later i still cannot get the capture screen to work. I was able to open up the Edit and Share tab just fine, yet every time i attempt to open the Capture window it freezes with the words "select media type then device" in the top left corner and becomes unresponsive and will not exit until i restart my computer again. Windows task manager is aso unable to shut down the process and logging out of my account and signing back in makes the tab go away yet attempting to reopen the window states that only one instance may be open at a time. I am not sure if maybe i am unclear about my computer requirements and maybe am missing something important but this problem is already a headache. Any advice, tips, or solutions will be most appreciated.

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