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Disc Error - Playback Feature May Not Be Available On Thi Disc.

new at this 1234


We copied a VCR to our Lap top with windows 8 operating system and Burned a DVD on a DVR-R using Roxio VHS to DVD 3 soft ware.


The New DVD will play on the computer DVD player but when i try to play it on our Toshiba DVD player I get a Disk error "-- Please eject the disc. -- Playback feature may not be available on this disc."


This is our second project to attempt. the first project worked fine.

the only diffidence between the first and the second project is the brand of DRD-R. The fist project that worked is on a memorex DVD-R. the second project is on a "Verbatim DVD-

R Life series" We thought there was a problem with the DVD so we burned a second DVD and the second DVD has the same issue. Both of the DVD's that have the issue are the "Verbatim DVD-R Life series".

What Am I doing wrong?

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I prefer using the 'Plus' media, however, that has nothing to do with this ;) Of course Verbatim (Singaore) are Good!


The fact that it plays on your PC indicates a successful burn, assuming you are using Player Software to play it and not just something that can read/play VOB files...


Keeping strictly to the DVD Capacities will be a big help:


4.7 GB = 1 hour

8.5 GB = 2 hours


You should also try them in different Players to see if yours is the problem.


Let us know how you make out with this!

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Those are the expected files...


I asked (subtle) about Length of play?


Do you have a 'Plus' DVD available to try?


Do you have any RW discs?


All things are pointing to your Player. Exceeding those time limits I posted will lower quality. BEST quality should always be used to prevent read problems in Players.

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Thanks for the help.

That is too bad for me I just bought 100 of the disks that do not work. :-(


In general Verbatim are considered much better discs then Memorex (near the bottom in quality). The problem seems to be a compatibility between your Toshiba Combo player and the DVDs. Once you get a better DVD player I am sure those Verbatims will work just fine.

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TRY a 'plus' disc (R or RW) and see what happens!


Then you can negotiate with the company you purchased the cake from... If the Plus work, and your approach them for an exchange or credit, they will be more agreeable than if you go in with attitude ;)


For our curiosity, are these Verbatim's made in Singapore? It will be on the label... We understand some are now made elsewhere and have been a blot on their record!


Another 'Quality' maker is Taiyo Yuden (JVC).

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