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Dont Have Hd Tv



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I got my son the roxio game capture yesterday but I dont have an hd tv and my husband said here is no way it is going to work because its green video cables not yellow cables. Also there is nowhere on my pc or tv to plug in the cables except for three colored wires on the front. I am sooo confused!


Post the name and model number of the TV?


What part of this world do you live in as connections vary for some countries?


What game capture software and hardware did you purchase?


The name brand of the console you want to connect?

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I saw a video on how to hook up an old tv without hd to the roxio game captur. Its getting sound now but it flickering and distorted. I changed the setting to what the guy said but it is still distorted. I live in southeast united states. I have an older big projection screen tv. A hitachi I think. I am using an xbox 360 and its the standard roxio game capture.

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