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Roxio Hd Pro W/ Tb-X12 W/ear Force Dss Xbox (No Audio)



I just got this thing brand new I set it up last night and recorded some gamplay on my xbox. I'm using HDMI for the xbox and Roxio and Turtle Beaches x12 with the Ear Force DSS amplifier and running a labtop with windows 8, labtop meets all specs by far. Now the problem I'm having is I hear audio through the headset and everythings great but I have no in-game audio with my roxio, when I edit it I can add a sound clip and can hear that fine just no in-game audio... Please Help, Thanx

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I checked it out and I don't have any "line in" thats showed.... I'm thinking the problem is with the ear force dss b/c it connects by fiber optic for the audio and the roxio dosen't have anything to pick that up so I'm think its canceling out the hdmi? Now its also switching back to the YPbPr every time i actually go to the video capture. If you could please let me know if any of this is wrong. Thanx

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Are you using the XBox HD audio adapter to provide the optical out to the TB's?


I have a set of X12's without the amp that work just fine.

I am using the RCA's and not the Optical to connect my audio.


I also then have an HDMi cable providing audio and video to my home theater so I can see and hear the XBox through my TV and surround sound.


So the audio isn't cut off when using the analog audio.

I just also tried plugging an optical cable into the adapter and still got audio.

So I don't think it has to do with the headset.


If your XBox is set to Dolby Digital try setting it to Stereo and see what happens.

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No I have the Turtle Beach Ear Force DSS audio amplifier connected to my TB X12, which connects by fiber optic cable to the xbox itself. So I'll eliminate the DSS and switch to stereo, although the DSS has an off switch and I did try it with that off and still no audio but I didn't actually disconnect the fiber optic cable. I guess I'll hope for the best.

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To be able to connect the TB's to the XBox with fiber you need to have the HD audio adapter.

That adapter also has RCA's attached to it.


I have my Turtle Beach's attached to the Red and White of that HD audio adapter.

I also have an HDMI cable going out that gives me picture and sound to my surround system.

I get sound through both ways.

All I don't know is if attaching an optical cable instead of the RCA's would make a difference.


Instead of attaching the DSS via optical disconnect the TB's from the amp and connect them to the R&W of that HD adapter and see if you then get sound both ways.It should work.

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