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Problems With Dvd's





I bought my son an HD Pro for Xmas as he wanted to record his xbox games. I got it all setup correctly and he can record his gameplay etc.


I thought the HD Pro acted as a simple passthrough but that doesn't seem to be the case and the HD Pro needs to be powered on all the time to work, which is a complete pain, as when the PC is turned off he gets no picture so I have to disconnect the HDMI everytime and plug it directly into his xbox. So what I have done is used a powered USB hub and have it plugged in there so even if the PC is off the HD Pro is still powered.


Now here is the problem, with the PC off all his xbox games run perfectly, no problems with pictures at all etc, but if he goes to watch a DVD for some reason the whole picture is shifted over and half the screen is blank, if I plug the HDMI directly from the Xbox to the TV all is fine. So obviously the problem lies with the HD Pro.


Is there a workaround for this? It seems so silly that I have to keep connecting and disconnecting the HDMI depending on what he wants to do, for a product thats so expensive I didn't think this type of thing would be an issue.




PS : Everything is connected by HDMI.

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