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Raw File Better Quality Then Rendered File?



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Well my raw file (recorded file with no edits) is better quality then my rendered file (with editing)

I dont know what else to do...


Still no details at all on what you did/are doing. For a start you could tell us your setting for the rendering, how long in time is the file you are rendering, what format is the source file?

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For example: "Hi. I've captured some HD video on my camera, and I'm trying to create a DVD video, but it looks different when it's done rendering."


As you can see, that tells us what sort of video is being started with, and what sort of project is being created. It also implies that I'm going from HD video, to DVD (SD) quality, so indeed, there will be a difference.


So, let us know what sort of video you're starting with, and how it was created/captured, and then, what sort of project you're trying to create.

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