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No Tags On Audio Cd After Burning



I just burned an audio CD with 16 tracks. Before burning I did what I've done a few hundred times: I edited the tags. This was my first burn on my new computer, and none of the tags were on the CD (It just says track 01, etc.). That means none of the CD info can be inserted into a label, not to mention that there's no song info when played on my car's CD player.

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If you're using Music Disc Creator [Create Music Disc Projects] check your project settings and make sure the "Add CD Text" box is checked.




If you're using 'Burn Audio CDs', then try Music Disc Creator. It's far better.


In either event, try your new CD in your car's player to see if the CD-Text was written. Not all computer drives or applications will read and/or display CD-Text.

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