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I bought my son a Roxio Game Capture for Christmas.


The supplied lead goes in the rear of the TV and connects to the Device, that's fine. However I have no lead for the front of the device to go into the PS3 itself. I've been to Maplin and they sold me a 5 way component AV lead, all the right colours, to HDMI. This I thought was fine because all the colours are right but the HDMI on the other end wouldn't fit into the PS3, we need the more 'rounded' HDMI cable plug.

Our PS3 has one input remaining in the rear and that is a HDMI out. I need a 5 way (Red Blue Green Red White) AV lead with the rounded HDMI so it will go in the only other input in the PS3.


Does this make any sense? Apologies if it's long winded, I have no idea about these things. My son has the PS3 connected to the TV with a lead that has 3 phonos on one end (TV) and connected to the PS3 is a HDMI plug, a rounded one, this is what I need.but rather than a 3 plug one a 5 plug one. Instead Maplin sold me a squarer HDMI that didn't fit the PS3. It was too square.


Where do I get this 5 way phono to HDMI lead from? I am sorry if it didn't male sense



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my parents bought this for me too,i can get it fitted up but was told to buy the hd lead which we did,but i got a new tv/dvd and theres no where to plug all the connecters into,my dad and i havent got a clue sounds like we may have sme problems :( joe

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