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Toast / Popcorn Freezing At 4 Minutes



I've had a recurring problem with both Toast and Popcorn freezing at 04:09 minutes into the burn. When it freezes, it keeps the disc spinning, but won't abort even if I try to abort it. I end up having to force quit, then reboot my machine to get it to release the disc.


I'm using OSX 10.4.4 on a G4 with 2GB RAM and several external hard drives with plenty of room to burn. Any ideas? I'm sick of burning coasters!



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Actually I'm not sure about how many minutes before it crashes, my version of Toast just displays time remaining. Basically the DVD spins up and then everything works for a few minutes, some data is burned to the DVD. But after a short period of time it freezes.

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I have the same problem. Toast Lite 6.1 only burns data to DVD for about 4 min. sometimes 4:30ish. And once froze cannot be aborted, Toast cant quit either, I have to force quit Toast to try again (with different settings, data, etc)


I have tried two different hard drives and several different collections of folders/files, I have also tried every speed that my DVD burner supports which is 4x, 6x, 8x, 12x and 16x for burning DVD+R. I'm using DVD+R disks that are rated for 16x.


I'm running a Blue & White G3 tower 450hz with 640 MB ram.

My Mac OS is up to date, 10.4.7. And Tiger has built in driver that works with this drive.

My DVD burner is brand new, it came with Toast Lite 6.

I bought it from MCE Technologies. Its an external firewire/usb2.0 drive rated for DVD burning up to 16x, etc.


This drive is brand new and the DVD+R's are brand new.


Oh and I even tried burning a small 20MB folder to DVD... that did work (at 16x) and it took less than 4min, too.



I don't get it.

Could someone please help me figure this out...

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