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Can't Find New Sonicfire 5 Songs In Creator 2010



Using Creator 2010 Pro v1.2.193 SP2.1 which came with Sonicfire Pro 5.


I'm building a new project in VideoWave and want to Add Background Audio. I finally started working with SmartSound music and upgraded my OEM Sonicfire Pro to v5.7.5.0.


After buying / downloadining / installing five albums, I find that they are installed in Sonicfire Pro 5 but not visible in VideoWave. Here's where I look:


In my VideoWave production I click on "Add Background Audio" | "SmartSound" tab | "Library" radio button. The only library I see is "New Standard 22K".


Clicking on the SmartSound button, the new window is titled Quicktracks, and the "Libraries" tab shows libraries "New Standard 22k" and "Online Purchases".


Finally, selecting "Online Purchases" and clicking on the Properties button shows that the are no selectons purchased over the Internet.


This is probably way too much info! I can see the songs in Sonicfire but not in VideoWave. What is my next step??


Thanks for your patience and help!

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Creator 2010 may have had the older version of Quicktracks referenced in the link Steve posted above:


"NOTE: Music downloaded from the website is NOT able to be directly installed into the older 3.x Quicktracks plugin. If you want to purchase music for Quicktracks 3, you will need to either purchase the music directly from within the Quicktracks 3 plugin, or you can filter the albums on our music page to only display the albums compatible with Quicktracks 3, and then be sure to add the physical disk shipment to your order. Then you can download the music and install the music into Sonicfire Pro 5 immediately, then install the music into Quicktracks once the physical disks arrive."


Here are a couple of screenshots that may help you check things on your installation.


In VW, click Select Background Audio, then SmartSound. Next to Type did you click the drop down to access different types of music (Single Layer, Multi Layer, Effects, etc)?


Click on the SmartSound button at the bottom of the dialog, if you have one there. In the About tab, what version number is listed?


Try the Albums tab, does it give you the option to add purchased music from your hard drive?





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sknis and karri, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. My Creator 2010 came with Quicktracks, so it's not surprising (given your info) that I can't see the new music


I have purchased Creator NXT Pro and expect to receive it in the next week or so. I'll close out the project I'm working in and wait on the new Creator and the new SmartSoun plugins.


On that note, am I correct in my understanding that the VideoWave in Creator NXT Pro will not open projects created in Creator 2010's VideoWave?

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On that note, am I correct in my understanding that the VideoWave in Creator NXT Pro will not open projects created in Creator 2010's VideoWave?


They may open, but my best advice is to finish your C2010 projects in C2010 and then start fresh in NXT. I seem to recall being able to open files from previous versions in newer versions, but running into glitches trying to edit them..

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