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Does It Work When I Use Same Monitor For Computer & 360

Halo Diehards


I saw similar threads, but am not sure they were asking the same question. I use the same monitor for my computer as I do my Xbox 360, I just switch the "channel" on my monitor. In attempting to set up the Roxio HD Pro, I am having trouble with the software (I've posted in the software sub-forum for this) but another issue I'm having is when I switch the monitor back over to play my 360 there is just this black screen.


So my question is whether or not anybody has done this successfully, and if anyone knows anything I may be doing wrong.


All of my cables are the correct cables going into and out of the correct places, so we don't need to start there ;)

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Mine would be the top one: DVI-I (Single Link). So what does this mean? Is there a setting somewhere that needs to be changed for this? Like I said, this is the same cable I've been using to play my Xbox 360 through my monitor, it only doesn't work if I'm trying to play through the Roxio and into my monitor.



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Nice picture (I stole it!)


You would have to check your monitor to see what it Requires!


My HP's require the DVI-D and will not work with others... :huh:


I got lucky with this adapter frist time out:




Sure, use the picture if it helps! But it appears you aren't following the conversation: I already have the cable. It's not working. However, it appears from several other threads in here (which I found after reading for hours and hours O.o) that the Roxio HD Pro does not carry a signal through an HDMI > DVI-D cable. So I have ordered an HDMI male to 2xFemale splitter and that should take care of it. That is, if I ever get the capture to work again... buggy, glitchy crap and the company I bought this from won't give me a refund.

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Thar's teh doo-flingy. Like I said: HDMI on one end, doo-flingy on the other. The doo-flingy side is what connects to my monitor. Did I say doo-flingy enough times? lol. I'm curious to know why this would make a difference, as the end that connects to the 360 or Roxio, depending on if I'm using the Roxio, is HDMI, but I'll be the first to admit I'm ignorant about these things or I'd probably know what this connector is called.


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So my other problem is resolved, but I still can't play on my 360 (shares monitor with computer) when the Roxio HD Pro is hooked up. My monitor acts like it's not getting a signal when I switch over. The cable to my monitor works fine when hooked up to my 360, and when it's hooked up to the Roxio, the brand new HDMI cable connects the 360 to the Roxio. That cable must be fine too, because the image and sound goes through the Roxio and into my computer just fine.


Any body have any ideas what's up?


I can't play through the Roxio: any lag between hitting a button and seeing it happen makes it unplayable for me, so hopefully someone has run into this and knows a fix.


I gotta say: a lot of people know I've chosen the Roxio, and it seems like I have to bend over backwards to get everything to work. Not having a positive user experience, here. That said, I will definitely appreciate any help :)



Edit: I keep forgetting to add important information. The 360 to monitor is also an HDMI cable, with some other doo-flingy on the monitor side. Point being, the 360 settings are already towards being hooked up to the HDMI output. Didn't know if that mattered...

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