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Re-Credited After Purchase?



I'm not to sure if this is in the right place but I purchased a Roxio Game Capture HD PRO yesterday & I checked my Credit Card Transactions online and it says the money is pending to be taken out, The $113.69, but also you guys credited me back $113.69 back. Did I get denied? Both are pending so I'm not sure if you guys just re-credited me until you ship it out or if I got denied. Also I have the e-mail I used to purchase the device & the last 5 digits of my Credit Card & it pulls up the page with the shipping, billing address, and the tracking number. However says nothing about being processed or processing. Here is a screenshot of the pending charges to my card.



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Not the right place, however...


+$113.69 -$113.69 = $0.00


But I have watched transactions on my Credit Cards and noted that until the "Pending" status clears, you cannot always go by what it shows ;)


Thank You! I will wait it out until the pending clears. Until that happens I will contact Roxio if all else goes wrong. Cheers!

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I hate those credit card refunds!


I tracked one for a month and when I called the vendor I was told that it would be in the next billing cycle! The charge took place instantly, but it was about 35 days for the credit to be applied :angry:


(mine had nothing to do with Roxio - a local merchant who won't see me again ;) )

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