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There Are Black Borders And A Green Line When Capturing.



Hello everyone. I am using my Roxio Gamecap to record my gameplay on wii with component cables. As a result, I am using component cables to capture. However, there is a black border around my whole video, and there is also a green line on the bottom of each video, though this line is very thin and is barely noticable. Does anyone have suggestions for fixing this, or could I edit the video to get rid of it?


Setup: I have component cables to connect my wii to the input of the Roxio. I also have component cables to connect my TV to the output of the Roxio.


PC: 2.2 GHZ Dual core processor

4GB Memory

320GB Hard Drive


I always use Component as the Source for capturing with the software

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That should be good but clarify for me.


This is only in the Preview Screen and not on your Playing Monitor?


If you Capture does it show up in the capture when you play it back?


How about Streaming?


Did you get the number for your Video Card?


Have you checked for Driver and Software updates for it This Month :lol: Video Driver Updates for AMD ATI & NVIDIA:



If you click Win-Pause, what is your Windows Experience Index?

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The Green Line seems to appear on the preview screen and when I play it back.


If I capture, it will show the green line when I play it back.


Streaming will have the same problem with a black border and a green line.


What exactly do you mean by "Did you get the number for your video card"?


I have not checked either website for driver updates. However, I can't seem to find the right driver software when looking at both websites.....


My laptop has a Windows Experience index of 5.6


Sorry if I'm not that knowledgeable on this topic

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The video card has a Model Number ~ what is it? (right click your desktop and choose NVIDIA or Catalyst Control Center... The info will be in there as well as Help - Check for Updates ;)


In Win 7, are you running an Aero Theme? (Right click desktop - Personalize it will be the highlighted one)

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