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Set Up With Hd Projector And Av Receiver


Hi there,

I'm trying to set up the game catcher to an xbox 360. I have it connected to an HD projector through an HDMI cable. This HDMI cable runs from the projector into the av receiver (ONKYO TX NR414). Another HDMI cable runs from the ONKYO to the xbox HDMI output. So my question is this. I have several ins and outs on the ONKYO receiver. Do my component cables go from the game catcher to the ONKYO? And if so where? I want to play the game in HD still so not sure what goes where. Please advise!



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Its not the hd pro so i guess its the old one. It has component cables in and out..


I'm not sure it will even work the way you want!


It's not a HD Device the HD Pro has HDMI in's and out's so your on your own as far as how do I hook it up and will it work?

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