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Why My Imovie Project Is Desynchronized?





I just want to know if this is just a coincidence. Because since I have installed Toast 7, the iMovie project I an working on is desynchronized. The sound channel was ok before that. And now, it is desynchronized with the image channel. But visually, nothing has changed! And if I burn the project on DVD, eveything is fine and synchronized! BUT it's impossible to work on my project anymore with desynchronized sound, thinking maybe it will be synchronized when I will burn DVD! It doesn't make sense. I have some sound probleme also. Sometime, I need to restart my Mac because de sound seem to be corrupted in my iMovie project.


Any Idea?


I use a Mac Dual 1.8 GHz PowerPC G5 with OS 10.3.9 and 2.5 Gb Ram. There is 15 Gb free on the system disk and about 140 Gb on the disk my project is on.


Any idea? I would like to know if the installation of Toast has something to do with that problem.


Thanks! :)


NB: My project is about the first year of life of my son. So it's something really important for me.

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