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Hear Game Chat/add Commentary To Videos (Ps3)



The first thing I'm going to discuss in this topic is how to set the sound so that the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro can capture all voices except your own (lobby and party).


Start by turning the PS3 on of course: post-107593-0-06241800-1356919211_thumb.jpg


Go to settings: post-107593-0-90391700-1356919212_thumb.jpg


Down to Accessory Settings: post-107593-0-38038800-1356919214_thumb.jpg


Then click Audio Device Settings: post-107593-0-97706900-1356919215_thumb.jpg


Here you will change the Output Device to System Default Device: post-107593-0-43912800-1356919218_thumb.jpg


The Second part of this is going to be how to record commentaries using a free program called Audacity, which you can download here: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/


Start by opening Audacity. Make sure you have the microphone set to your device and that it is on MONO: post-107593-0-37403600-1356919221_thumb.jpg


Next you will start to record your commentary while you watch your video. *Tip: If you're doing a live commentary, count down from 3 to 1 before you start. When you hit "1" press a button or move the d-pad so you can have a reference when lining up your audio.: post-107593-0-61574500-1356919222_thumb.jpg


Once you've finished recording, go to File>Export: post-107593-0-82047200-1356919223_thumb.jpg


Save the file as an uncompressed format and name it whatever you'd like. The following screen will be for CD purposes so you can leave everything else blank and just press OK: post-107593-0-88716600-1356919224_thumb.jpg


In the final part I will show you how to add the commentary to the video in VideoWave.


Open the VideoWave software and start with a 16:9 production: post-107593-0-22972000-1356919237_thumb.jpg


Click on more settings and make sure the frame rate is 29.97 fps (in this case): post-107593-0-71244000-1356919238_thumb.jpg


After that you'll be taken to the editing menu. Change it to timeline view and import your gameplay video: post-107593-0-07781100-1356919240_thumb.jpg


Next you will import your commentary by dragging it from where you saved it into the music timeline. You can also show the actual waveform by clicking on the Edit Volume Envelopes for Audio Objects tab. Sync the audio with the video (should be easier with the countdown cue): post-107593-0-53597300-1356919241_thumb.jpg


Once you have everything edited and synced the way you like, click the export button at the top (looks like a film reel) or go to Output>Export: post-107593-0-08422100-1356919243_thumb.jpg


Finally, choose the format that you'd like based on what you recorded the video at. 1280x720 for 720p or 1920x1080 for 1080p and make sure the fps is 29.97 or higher since YouTube will render the video to 29.97fps anyway: post-107593-0-72049000-1356919244_thumb.jpg


I hope this helped some of you who are new to recording commentaries. If you have any questions make sure to search the forums FIRST and then ask questions because a lot, if not all, questions have been answered multiple times on the boards already. Happy gaming! :)

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Please consider utilizing a Narration Track on the Internal Track of the clip...


The advantage to doing this is so that after you line up your Narration and exit the Internal Tracks, it will stay in sync with your clip, even if you cut out sections ;)


If you place it on the Overlay Tracks, it will not stay put during editing.



Pick Internal Tracks:



Add Narration Track (if needed):



Add Audio File and Exit:





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