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New Tv, Same Hookup, Now No Display



Okay, so I had the Game Capture Standard working fine on my previous HDTV from the PS3 via the typical component cable hookups. I'd change the display to component on the PS3, switch sources, and everything worked fine.


Just recently, I replaced my previous HDTV with a new one: a Samsung UN46D6900W. Hooked it up exactly the same way: component in from the PS3, component out to the TV, and USB to the computer. The only difference is that there are no direct component inputs into the TV; instead, they have a component adapter that plugs into a sort of dual auxiliary port with female component ends coming out, and you plug the cables into those. The PC still sees the Game Capture as a device. The component source on the TV is working. The device is receiving power.


The problem is that whenever I switch sources with the PS3 to component and then switch the TV over to the component source, it finds nothing. Nothing displays on my capture software for the PC, either, although it flickers if I remove the USB cable (with Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, that is; Roxio Game Capture software just says "no signal"). I've tried booting the PS3 up with component only and still nothing happens. No PC capture display, no TV display. Like it doesn't know what to do in the middle.


Please help? I can only assume it's the new style of connection to the TV that makes a difference, but I'm not entirely sure and I've run out of ideas other than getting a converter box to try it with an HDMI port instead.

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Well, I solved the problem. It was definitely on the TV's end. Their little auxiliary adapter pushes in to a point that feels comfortable and makes the component source active, but you have to literally force the adapter in even further. After doing this, everything displays and all is well. Roxio product still working great ^_^


So to anybody with a Samsung TV and this sort of connection, that's my advice to solve it.

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