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Dvds Burned With Roxio Creator De 10.2 (By Sonic Solutions) Appear To Have No Data



I burned several DVDs with Roxio Creator DE 10.2 (version that came with my DELL laptop) to back up jpeg files. This was sometime in 2007 when I had Vista installed. I always double check after burning DVDs to make sure that all files are there, so I am 100% sure that the files were in those DVDs.

I tried to open those DVDs today to retrive some photos but the files are not there. When I double click on the drive to see the properties of the DVDs, I get 4.36 GB of data for one of them, and 3.51 GB for the other, so they do seem to contain data.

Please note that, since the time I burned the DVDs, I have upgraded to Windows 7.

Is there anyway to recover all those files?

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And you are trying to retrieve those files with the same Roxio program that created them, correct? I recently had a problem where my 7 machine could not see ANYTHING on a disc, but when I popped it in my Vista machine, everything was there. The disc was sent to me so I'm not sure what OS he was using. I would also try and find a Vista machine to pop it into to see if you can see the files. If I back up files to disc, I never use a program like Roxio. My experience has taught me that I can not retrieve them with out the program that created the backup. I backup files on discs with the Windows OS for that reason. You may end up having to retrieve them on a Vista machine(using Roxio of course), copying them to disc using Windows(just copy and paste them to the disc in "Computer"), then retieving them to your HD on your 7 machine with the reverse process.

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