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Error 8004520C While Encoding In Mydvd



Using MyDVD, when I try buring a video I am getting error 8004520c.



- Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (fully patched)

- Roxio Creator 2010 Pro (fully updated)

- Project Settings: 4:3 aspect ratio, NTSC, Preset: HQ, Video format MPEG-2 720x480 Interlaced, Audio format Dolby Digital AC-3 2.0 384 Kb/s

  • I have seen the posts about defragmenting the HD. I have done this without changing the error
  • I have changed the project settings from Fit to Disk to HQ
  • I have tried all three burn options singly and in combination: Burn to Disc / Save Disc Image File / Folder Set

My Project:

  • Created using VideoWave
  • Has 60 pictures (gif & jpg) in the slideshow
  • Each image is about 400 KB at resolution 960x720
  • All slides are located on a network NAS share
  • In VideoWave I use the Output > Send to MyDVD option

When I try burning it, the Burn Project dialog opens. It checks "Open Project" then "Encode Movies" and "Complete, skiping "Encode Menus" and "Record Menus" and give error 8004520c.


This issue has been driving me crazy for a few years and last least versions 2010 and 2009. If, in VideoWave, I export the slideshow to an avi file and import that into MyDVD, the project will burn successfully, though with lower resolution.


Now I'll thow in a solution which I do not like. All of the files making up the production are on a network share. If I copy everything to my C: drive and try burning it, it burns successfully. Unfortunately our standard is to keep everything on the share and back that up. Our C: drives are not backed up.


Any suggestions other than copying the files back and forth between the share and the C: drive? Is there any hope for MyDVD to support the source files being in the cloud?



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