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Stabilize Video



I have been unable to get the "stabilize video" function to work in NXT. I've reviewed the posts under other versions but none have helped. Clicking on the menu item only serves to stop the video if it was playing. No options appear and nothing changes in the production editor on the Fx 1 line or elsewhere. If I search help in NXT, "stabilize" doesn't even return any results. Any help would be appreciated.

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What do you think doesn't work???


It is applied as a Special Effects (Fx) Overlay to the selected portion of what is on the Video Track... (picture might help ;) )





In my example (from Creator 2011) I was showing the cropping effect it has with the untouched clip on the right. Note how the man is almost cropped out and the white patch of sand at the botom is gone and the clouds above him...


Nothing makes up for a stable camera :lol: I replace my camcorder after this vacation!!!

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Jim, I thought there was a setting for the stabilize video. There is one in Creator 2012; I didn't look at NXT. If the video is not too bad, you may be able to reduce the amount of cropping to keep more of the video.


BTW, Stabilize is essentially a zooming in of the video.

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No real difference in NXT but yes you did make me revisit it :lol:


It is not just the Zoom...


The amount of Zoom is varied to equal the amount of shake but there are limits.


Otherwise stabilizing is really Moving a key spot of the frame to the same position in the subsequent frames. If you didn't Zoom the blank borders would intrude into the frame and jump about :lol:


But we really need jsbvt to come back and tell us what is going on wiht his ;)

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