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Roxio – Jewel Case Creator – Incompatibility


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Roxio – Jewel Case Creator – Incompatibility


I have been using the Roxio “Jewel Case Creator” as a stand

alone program for well over a decade probably more like 15yrs


I have a very large & extensive Classical Music Collection,

and I have used the “Jewel Case Creator” to back up my collection

in Personal and a neat efficient manner


I have done a large number of LP conversions to CD and have invested

a lot of time making well over 1400 different labels over the years –

All with my own Graphics & track listings & documentation


All worked well until I updated my operating system to Window Vista

then to Windows 8 – The Label collection has become both unusable

& inaccessible on those computers


Is there anyway possible way to convert these old files, or will I have

to dedicate a computer to Windows XP ?


Will Roxio be designing a Patch or Update to make my old files usable ?


Please Help with any answers or suggestions

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I don't speak for Roxio, but I observe a lot over a number of years.


Roxio "moved on" from Jewel Case Creator many years and many versions ago. The staff who built and maintained it have long gone. I would fall over backwards and fall off my perch if Corel [the current owners] managed to get enough of the original staff together to re-write the program for the new Operating Systems. I note it would take a full re-write as the differences in Operating Systems are too great to allow a simple patch.


Apart from the tech difficulties, there are absolutely no financial incentives to provoke such action to revive this ancient software.


I have made JCC work under Windows 7, but haven't had the time or inclination to try it under Windows 8.




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